Monday, February 25, 2013

Lazy Afternoon

Zara Jacket/ BCBG denim button up//ACDC tank// Topshop earrings

Today was definitely a lazy day. I came to school not really caring what I had wore. I just threw on my usual jacket and knee highs. They are my go to items when I can't find an outfit. Some may call it "violating the dress code," as FIDM is full of fashion students competing to see who's wore it best paired with the most expensive statement pieces.

Well, that's the case this morning, I didn't really have time to find anything to wear due to the lovely L.A traffic and the amount of sleep I've gotten. Just a simple tank with a jacket and some boots, I'm good. Maybe because its a Monday, so I'll try not to bum it next time. Promise......

Well, maybe promise. 

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