Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spikes and Ombre

Romwe Spiked hat // H&M Kanye West Shirt // Foreign Exchange Ombre maxi skirt 

Finally I'm out of the house! Its been such a boring spring break, that I need to go do something to keep myself occupied! Working at least 2 days a week isn't helping my boredom at all. Hanging out with the girls today was kind of refreshing. Lots of laughs, comfort food, shaved iced with some boba or as some people call it "bubble tea." Talking about life, love, and random things lifted my mood up for the week. Because it was such a nice windy day out, I decided to finally wear my spiked hat, just to keep my hair on check and my favorite ombre maxi skirt. This outfit was a little bit of a festival inspired look with a twist of my own personal taste. Since it is festival season, ombres and muscel tanks are a must essential for a music festival. Of course, we all know I have to include my favorite, yeeezy in there. Song of the day from yeeezy, Good Life. 

I always had a passion for flashin' before I had it I close my eyes and imagine, the good life. Now I, I go for mine, I got to shine Now throw your hands up in the sky.."

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lines and Leather

Forever 21 top // Topshop earrings // Go Jane boots

I can finally breathe! A big sigh of relief was much needed today. After two long and stressful years of going to FIDM, I'm finally done with my Associates of Arts degree! Yay me! I couldn't wait to get my final exams and presentations over with so I can get out of there and treat myself to a good solid meal and some much needed sleep. 

I finally got the chance to wear my new top that I got at Forever 21! Currently obsessed with the monochrome trend! Oh and I can't forget those royal blue boots that I finally wore. Contrasting is the main focus of this outfit today. 

The thought of graduation excites me and its a reminder of how hard I've worked to get this far. Hope this will lead to a good spring break and onto my bachelors degree.

ps. I walked into a tree while walking to class.....going out with a bang....literally. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Red Flannel

Wasteland white top // BCBG red flannel // H&M boots

These past few weeks has been "hell week" as many fashion student would call it. Running around, studying your ass off, group projects and final presentations here and there. Because it's been so stressful, black and white is my usual outfit choice. I didn't have time to prep what I was going to wear when my mind was occupied with marketing strategies for a company and creating a visual presentation of it. While going through my closet, I saw my red flannel just lying I thought I'd bring it out and use it! Its funny how one item can change your whole look. Going from casual black and white to a soft grunge look. Transitions transitions.....speaking of, I need to hit the gym and bust out my spring clothes after finals! I'm ready for a break. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Metal Tips

 White Owl top // GUESS shorts // Metal ankle strap flats from Zooshoo

 With the busy schedule these past few weeks, going back to basic has been my outfits lately. But today was definitely the time to bust out some summer essentials. I paired my flats from Zooshoo with the black and white sleeveless top with a metal tip collar and black shorts. These metal tips can add an edgy look to any simple outfit. Sometimes simple is enough. Sunglasses, flats, shorts, sleeveless tops, summer I am ready for you!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lazy Afternoon

Zara Jacket/ BCBG denim button up//ACDC tank// Topshop earrings

Today was definitely a lazy day. I came to school not really caring what I had wore. I just threw on my usual jacket and knee highs. They are my go to items when I can't find an outfit. Some may call it "violating the dress code," as FIDM is full of fashion students competing to see who's wore it best paired with the most expensive statement pieces.

Well, that's the case this morning, I didn't really have time to find anything to wear due to the lovely L.A traffic and the amount of sleep I've gotten. Just a simple tank with a jacket and some boots, I'm good. Maybe because its a Monday, so I'll try not to bum it next time. Promise......

Well, maybe promise. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's T-Shirt Time

INC White Jacket/BCBG Max Azria Denim button up/Nordstrom boots

When I go shopping, I'm always at the randomest places to find good sales. I never buy something that's full price, because I'm always on a budget and plus, I always believe you could find good things for cheap. My Rock and Republic "T-shirt" tee was actually for $5 at their warehouse sale. The denim button up from BCBG was also $5 from their warehouse sale. As you can see I only go for warehouse sales. There, I tend to find the best stuff, sometimes even better than the ones in stores. There's always a rewarding feeling to find something good for such a low price, and that is also trendy. I never spend over $40 worth of things in general. By going to these sales, I could easily get 10-15 things that adds up to $40 instead of just one item. I suggest everyone start to do some smart shopping! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mr. West is in the building


 Cotton On top/Zara military jacket/ H&M knee high socks

You could ask all my friends and they would tell you that Kanye West is probably my favorite artist. Whether its his songs or style, I truly admire him. His music is something that I can always jam to in any occasion. Know me long enough, you can catch me singing all his lyrics word for word.....all the time.

For this look I decided to pair my military jacket with the Givenchy inspired top, along with my red beanie. To top it off, I wore my "go to" black knee highs to complete this outfit, giving it an edgy look. Its been really cold this past week, so I decided that this look would make me feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. After all....

Yeezy taught me.