Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Camo Lover

                                  Zara camo button up/BCBGeneration belt / Foreign Exchange skirt / Forever 21 boots

School has been so stressful these past couple of weeks. Midterms are coming up, big projects due,  I never have time to really do what I want to do. So I decided why not just lighten the mood up, make yourself less stress and be tough. That's why I chose to wear my camo button up with my golden skull tank. Mix matching prints and texture is what I've been doing a lot lately. Yeah its a little edgy, but pairing it with a pleated skirt can add a girly side to it. Don't be afraid to mix and match as long as it balances out.

As you can tell by now I love my gold accessories. Whether its belts, earrings, or even gold studs, you bet I have tons of those in my closet, can't leave the house without them! When I put this outfit together I thought to myself, why the hell not. Some people are afraid to clash colors together that might look weird, but I say otherwise. Style is what fits you, so find what fits you and that's all that matters.

To end this, just smile through all the stress you're going through and put on your favorite outfit like I did, be a tough chick. 

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